About NEKOs

NEKOs are the cutest generated cat NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain! NEKOs are 10,000 uniquely generated animated nekos. No NEKOs are identical, and each NEKO can only be officially owned by one person at a time.


// "Neko" (in the Japanese kanji 猫; spoken ネコ) means "cat".

Weekly Reveal Day

Newly adopted NEKOs are hidden until the Weekly Reveal Day.

We will reveal the hidden NEKOs at 3:00 UTC every Monday. Any NEKOs adopted after 3:00 UTC on Sunday will be revealed the week after.

Our 1st reveal is on SUN, April 18 2021 at 3:00 AM UTC. After each reveal, you can click on “Refresh Metadata” on OpenSea to see which NEKO you got.

Randomly showing some NEKOs...


In the short history of NFT art, there are countless cat-related projects like Mooncat, CryptoKitties, Pixel Cats, EtherCats, and even the official Nyan Cat. BUT, there is nothing as cute as what we hoped for. That’s why in early 2021, we decided to give it a try.

NEKO was hugely inspired by successful projects like Pixls and Chubbies. These cuteness-overloaded, uniquely styled, and forever looping animated gif are key elements we wanted to include. We truly respect them.


The purchase price increases with a bonding curve to reward early supporters so that more people will buy these cute little NEKOs. To build a community and encourage collecting and trading, we purposefully designed the curve to be competitive compared to other projects. By design, 75% of them are priced under 0.2 ETH, and the highest price is capped at 1 ETH.

  • #0000 - #0029: Reserved for people who helped along the way
  • #0030 - #1499: All adopted, happy ever after.
  • #1500 - #3499: All adopted, happy ever after.
  • #3500 - #7499: All adopted, happy ever after.
  • #7500 - #9499: 0.32 ETH
  • #9500 - #9899: 0.64 ETH
  • #9900 - #9999: 1.00 ETH


As an NFT project, a final proof is hardcoded in our ERC-721 smart contract. The proof is a root hash of all the 10,000 NEKO image hashes using the SHA-256 algorithm concatenated in sequential order of their IDs. It assures immutability. No one will be able to mess with the original images without notice.

About Us


2 DeFi guys (Gary and DW) + a real neko named Vegeta + Invisible K + Adi


Buying NFT for the first time, how can I get started?

Get a MetaMask chrome extension. Load it with ETH through services that allow you to change your money to ETH like Coinbase Pro or PayPal. Finally, click the button on the Sticky banner and approve the transaction on MetaMask. Voila!

How can I trade my NEKOs?

NEKOs adhere to the ERC-721 standard so that you can trade them on platforms like OpenSea.

What can I do with my NEKOs?

You own your NEKOs digitally and are free to do anything with them.

My NEKOs are not revealed yet on OpenSea. What can I do?

Newly adopted NEKOs are hidden until the Weekly Reveal Day. After the reveal, you can click on "Refresh Metadata" on OpenSea to see the exact NEKO you got on.

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Sample Neko
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